Our Purpose

We are a community of believers that want to help you say "Yes" to God! No matter who you are or where you've been, our main goal is to make sure you feel welcome here.

Our Beliefs

1. We follow the Bible for it is true. 
2. Lost people matter to God and to us. 
3. We honor God through excellence. 
4. We celebrate with modern worship. 
5. We encourage people to say “YES” to God.  
6. We care about each other. 
7. We accept people where they are. 
8. We help those less fortunate than ourselves. 
9. We build each other up and encourage one another

Photo by kjekol/iStock / Getty Images

Our History

On March 17, 1991, Dennis and Ruth Hall - under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and help from area Churches of God - gathered a group of people at the Bob Hoffman YMCA in Dover, PA. After 12 years of renting the YMCA on the weekends, the current church building was built in 2002 on Fox Run Road in Dover.